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Oct 24

Apple updates Final Cut Pro X with slew of new features, now available for download

Amidst all the announcements made at the California Theatre earlier today, Apple very quietly pushed out a fresh version of its famed (and at times controversial) video editing software, Final Cut Pro. Inside v10.0.6 users can find an array of new additions and improvements that will most certainly be welcomed with open arms by the FCPX crowd, making this the most notable update since bundling in those multicam and broadcast monitoring features. Among these new traits are RED camera support for native REDCODE RAW editing, the ability to add freeze frames to the timeline with a simple keystroke, novel audio controls for use while tinkering with multicam clips and a revamped “Share” interface for exporting projects. The Final Cut Pro update can be downloaded now from the usual spot, and, of course, it comes at no extra cost for those who’ve already shelled out the $300. The full and hefty changelog can be found right after the break.

* Expand multichannel audio files directly in the timeline for precise editing of individual audio channels

* Unified import window for transferring media from both file-based cameras and folders of files

* Redesigned Share interface for exporting projects and range selections to one or more destinations

* RED camera support with native REDCODE RAW editing and optional background transcode to Apple ProRes

* MXF plug-in support that allows you to work natively with MXF files from import through delivery using third-party plug-ins

* Dual viewers, each with a video scope display, let you compare shots to match action and color

* Option to add chapter markers in the timeline for export to video files, DVD, and Blu-ray disc

* Range selection now preserves start and end points in the Event Browser and allows you to create multiple range selections on a single clip

* Paste attributes window lets you choose specific effects to copy between clips

* Flexible Clip Connections allow you to keep Connected Clips in place when slipping, sliding or moving clips in the Primary Storyline

* Add a freeze frame to your timeline with a single keystroke

* Drop shadow effect with intuitive onscreen controls to adjust position, edge falloff, angle, and more

* New controls for combining audio from multiple angles within a Multicam Clip

* Compound Clip creation in the timeline now saves the clip in the Event Browser for re-use in other projects

* XML 1.2 featuring metadata import and export for richer integration with third-party apps


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