How to import MTS files to iMovie on Mac Mountain Lion/Mac OS X Lion etc.? How to Log and Transfer MTS to Final Cur Pro (X)? How to edit MTS footage in iMovie? How to import AVCHD files to Final Cut? How to Convert AVCHD/MTS to PorRes? How to encode AVCHD MTS to AIC .mov?



Jan 22

Get Trouble in Editing Canon 3D MTS Videos in iMovie?

If you got a Canon 3D camera such as Canon EOS C100 or Canon Legria HFG30, you must have fun with your 3D recordings. Actually, 3D camera market has fierce competition in several main camera leaders. On the other hand, we may get troubles in playing 3D movies on VLC directly or edit 3D videos smoothly. Mostly, these 3D videos are MTS files. With the 3D cameras in our hands, easily we can realize our dream of making 3D movies in a happy process.

Generally speaking, we can’t play all the videos we record because there are usually some parts we wanna drop off. To import the 3D MTS videos accepted by popular editing systems, such as iMovie. Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac will do us a great favor. To encode 3D MTS videos to iMovie, this program has a strong ability in doing the job. You also got the main steps here.(For Windows version?)

Part1. Import Canon 3D files with a correct way.
Launch the 3D MTS video converter for Mac after you downloaded it successfully here. Open the main interface and click the ‘Add Videos’ or ‘Add From Folder’ to import your 3D files. Then you can see them on left list.

Part 2. Choose right output formats.
Choose the format by ‘Format’ bar : ‘3D Video’>>’MOV Side-by-side 3D Video (*.mov) to ensure that we make the 3D preserved.

Tips: Adjust your output videos
Then click the pencil icon ’Editor’ to ‘Trim’—allows users to decide the length of the footage, ‘Crop’— to get rid of the black edges. Other items like ’Effect’ ‘Subtitle’ are waiting for you to explore.

Part3. Some settings to your output videos, Make your video ‘Size’, ‘Bitrates’ and ‘Frame Rate’ in a default. Also you can choose what you want.

After you start your conversion, for those new users, here we additionally offer the ways of importing 3D MTS videos in iMovie for a reference.

Tips with iMovie: You may think about importing video files stored on your Mac to iMovie. Please note that before importing local videos to iMovie, please make sure whether the video formats are well supported by iMovie. When importing the video format which is compatible with iMovie, just click “File” >“Import” >“Movies” on main interface of iMovie.

Other guides?

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