How to import MTS files to iMovie on Mac Mountain Lion/Mac OS X Lion etc.? How to Log and Transfer MTS to Final Cur Pro (X)? How to edit MTS footage in iMovie? How to import AVCHD files to Final Cut? How to Convert AVCHD/MTS to PorRes? How to encode AVCHD MTS to AIC .mov?



Sep 24

Edit Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K Videos in iMovie/FCE 4 with AIC MOV

This guide can offer you some tips on how to encode Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K Videos to AIC MOV for smoothly editing in iMovie or FCE 4 

Cause a few consumer-level options for shooting 4K videos in camcorder market, Song announced clearly that they has a plan for moving forward in this department. Sony FDR-AX100/B Camcorder, to capture 3840*2160 resolution, the AX100 uses Sony’s new XAVC-S format which employs more efficient MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Long GOP compression with an MP4 wrapper.

The picture below can further make you know clearly about the difference between Full HD camcorder and 4K Video camcorder: 4K VS Full HD

As a new video codec, 4K videos recorded by Sony FDR-AX100 is a non-standard format which is so hardly accepted by iMovie and FCE 4. On the the other hand, for most consumers know that the most compatible codec both for iMovie and FCE 4 is Apple InterMediate Code (AIC), MOV. If you get an idea of converting FDR 4K to AIC MOV, a third-party tool called 4K HD Video Converter for Mac you may needed. Learn the steps here to know more:

First of all, download 4K HD Video Converter for Mac and launch it, add your 4K files and show them on left list. For iMovie and FCE 4, search the format list and you will find the ‘iMovie and FCE’ button to output the ‘Apple InterMediate Code (AIC), MOV’. You must see some formats for other editing software, such as ‘Apple ProRes codec ‘ for FCP, ‘DNxHD MOV ‘ for ‘Avid’, etc.

On the right of ‘Format’ bar, can you see the ‘Settings’ there? For output video size, frame rate or even audio channels. Personally, adjust which you like.

Finally click ‘Convert’ button and let it go, after the conversion, you can easily transfer your videos to iMovie or FCE 4. No ideas of specific transferring steps? Here we go

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