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Sep 20

Sony HDR-PJ760 Review

A camcorder with projector included

Lately there hasn’t been much happening where camcorders are concerned. Sales haven’t been that noticeable. Cheap and in the middle camcorders don’t really have new or enhanced features. But the higher end is still the place where all the action is happening. Panasonic and Canon are doing great with their latest devices. Sony pushes them aside and gives us the HDR-PJ760. At the end of the tests we did, we came out impressed with its specs. Want to see why? Then have a look at this review.

Carl Zeiss lens

Seen from the front, from the back, below and on top, this is a beautiful camcorder. Not breathing, but really beautiful. Directly on the front sit the Carl Zeiss lens, some mics and the optical zoom. The mics are strong, thanks to the surround technology they have. The lens has next to it a knurled knob that can be programmed. Having a lens ring instead of that would have been a better move. But we didn’t miss it quite that much and we liked this alternative. The CPU has a optical steady shot system. This feature snapped pics at 24.1 megapixels; which is an awesome feat for a camcorder.

The issue that happens when users pan quickly and then stop and the imagery stops also suddenly doesn’t happen here. The HDR-PJ760 has something which sort of buffers its lens; the result is that the image is brought to a much gentle halt.

Up to 96GB storage capacity

We couldn’t resist, so we shook the HDR-PJ760 camera a bit. Nothing tragic happened. Only that the lens moved inside the body. It might sound weird, but it was fun to experience that.

Above the device’s lens there’s a LED light. This touch to the camcorder lends an extremely helpful hand. In the sense that the product is able to bring a lot of light to a room which is dark; or a face, for that matter. Shooting videos at night is a favorite thing of ours. The HDR-PJ760 made that wish of ours come true and turn into a pleasure.

The device sports a kind of inside projector. That is: the LED is integrated into the LCD’s exterior. The output us, during tests, very nice. Brightness was a real treat when we stood in a dark room.After we finished recording footage, we stored it on our own memory stick; but you can also use the SD card for that. The memory holds 96GB.

Easy to use menu

The menu of the camcorder is touch-enabled. Operating the menu is so very easy, because of the clarity of the display.

The list of features boasted by Sony’s latest camcorder ends with something else. An integrated GPS proved helpful now and then. It’s not such a terribly important thing to write about in this review. It’s like we can’t escape such a feature anymore. Almost all the gadgets have it. It feels a bit too much. But we won’t deny that there are many consumers who will love to see it on a camcorder.

If you are a complete beginner with such a device, tough luck. There’s no user’s manual to guide you through its mechanisms. But there are manuals lying around on the Internet, so that’s not the end of the world.

Review conclusion

The Sony HDR-PJ760 costs $1,899. Not very cheap. But you’ll get good value for this kind of amount.

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