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Nov 06

Does Pinnacle Studio 17 Natively Support AVCHD MTS Files?

Not know much well about AVCHD MTS files?
Date back to its development, it is a video files format created specifically for high-definition HD digital camcorders which was developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic. For nowadays, it is also supported by Canon, JVC, etc video camcorders. However, it seems unfriendly with some popular editing tools, Pinnacle Studio 17 is also included.

Think about it—How to make AVCHD MTS files accepted by Pinnacle Studio 17?
No doubt that Pinnacle Studio 17 is a powerful editing tool and rank among the best while its favorite video formats are AVI and WMV. It would be more convenient if we got the AVCHD MTS Video Converter, right? All we need is the fast speed and easy operation!

Special Discount expires on November,10! Here only $39.2 you can get the product and for another BDMagic free! You can get into the Halloween Topic Page to know more about the details!

Don’t forget to learn some necessary steps of conversion below: Easily get the AVCHD MTS Video Converter download and drag your original videos in with ‘Add video’—especially for video clips, or ‘Add from folder’—especially for one complete single file. Here you may not find the’ Pinnacle Studio 17’ button, but you won’t miss the ‘HD Video’>>AVI HD Video (*.avi)’ for the best one.

Additionally, on the main interface, you must see some other items there. Such as the ‘Merge into one’ to join video clips together if you need. ‘Settings’ or ‘Editor’ can also bring you the best adjustment for you. You may not know here is for Windows users, if you installed an NVIDIA/AMD graphics card that supports CPU en-decoding acceleration installed on your computer, you may enjoy the faster speed in ‘Options’>>’Acceleration’

Back to the main interface to tap the ‘Convert’ to get started if you did all the preparation done. Any suggestion you can leave the comments below.

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