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Part 1

Q: We have a copy of pavtube software in order to be able to convert MXF files created on a Panasonic AJ-HPX3100G camera, but it’s unable to read the MXF files now in the software. In the preview window, the picture is gray. If I convert it to mov or any other format, the screen is also gray.

A: This problem may happen to MXF files recorded in AVC-Intra 100 mode. AVC-Intra is a new codec that further advances HD production. Currently Pavtube can deal with the AVC-Intra 50 codec,in the camera recorder you can choose to shoot under AVC-Intra 50 mode, pavtube has no problem to convert it. We will add support for AVC-Intra 100 codec soon.


Part 2

Q: Hi,

I just bought a HD Canon XF-100 video camera that works in .MXF (Canon format, slightly different fom  Sony MXF)

Do you have a means or a software that converts  this MXF format into a very doog HD format for editing in FCP X? ?

A: As far as I know, each frame of Apple prores video is encoded and decoded independently of any other frame. This provides the greatest editing performance and flexibility. So to edit MXF videos in FCP, Apple Prores video is highly recommended to convert to. To get Apple Prores output, please try Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac which provides all prores video codecs. To save much space of your HDD, Prores (LT) is recommended.

The following guide will show you the detailed steps:


Part 3

Q: Yesterday I got my new My Panasonic TM 900.

I have tried shooting in AVCHD format and placing my camera in  1080/60P. And I would like to convert these 1080/60P files into something that Final Cut can manipulate.

To import TM 900 AVCHD videos to Final Cut Pro, I use a freeware to convert them to MOV format. But when I tried to edit them, the speed is quite slow and the process is not smooth. Is there anyone recommend one way to make the importing and editing more efficiently?

A: To edit videos in FCP, MOV video format with Apple Prores codec is the first choice. So a program which can help you export Prores video is needed. The program I am using is Pavtube Video Converter for Mac which gives the quality conversion. It saves me much time to import recordings into FCP. And also FCP shows the best performance when it works in prores clips.


Part 4

Q: Hello,

I am evaluating a video converter to convert Canon XF105 files for editing/playback use on pc. I am trying to edit in Avid Studio. The only conversion that has been successful is to wmv but the conversion time is very long. I have tried mpg2 and mpg4 but the picture is distorted (narrowed). I have tried mp4, picture is OK sound is distorted. I tried mov, pic is OK sound is distorted.  Any recommended program that I might try?

A: Randy. Have you tried to export MOV videos with Avid DNxHD codec? This codec was developed by Avid and it is the first choice to edit in Avid. As far as I know, Canon XF105 generates MXF videos. So what you need is a MXF to Avid DNxHD Converter – Pavtube MXF Converter. My brother has a Panasonic P2 camcorder and the program he uses is Pavtube MXF Converter which has Avid DNxHD output. Its free trial version is available from Please check if it works for your Canon footages.


Part 5

Q: Hi guys,

I simply want to convert MTS into readable form for Final Cut Pro.  But no matter how I convert the MTS, FCP still needs to render before I can play it.   I’m running FCP 6.0.6. I’m on Mac OS X 10.6.8.   The MTS file originates from a Panasonic Lumix GH2, shot on 1080 24P.  I want FCP to play out and edit without rendering.

A: Phil, what video format did you convert to? MP4 or MOV with H.264 codec? If so, the rendering is inevitable. Please try to convert your GH2 MTS videos to MOV format with Apple Prores codec which FCP likes the most. With prores cocdec, loading, playing and editing will perform quiet quickly without any rendering. As for MTS to ProRes Converter, please use Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac which is the best one among all my tests.


Part 6

Q: Hello,
My name is Todd. I’m having an audio/video sync problem when converting my Nikon D7000 h.264 video with a freeware and using in FCP 6.
The video appears delayed 2 fps behind the audio after converting.
Is there anyone recommend me a program which enables D7000 MOV workable in FCP 6.

A: MOV format with Prores codec is FCP 6 preferred video. So a program which has prores codec output is greatly helpful. As far as I know, two apps can export Prores codec video. One is Clipwrap and another is Video Converter released by Pavtube. Clipwrap can not achieve your task because it only supports AVCHD videos. So please test Pavtube Video Converter for Mac to check if it is helpful. It provides free trial version in Pavtube site.


Part 7

Q: My Sony Cybershot DSC TX55 camera shot highest quality video at 1920 by 1080 interlaced, at 24 mps and 60fps. A freeware on test using the option for converting to my new iPad produces poor results. Can anyone help?

A: I have a ipad 3 and I have collections of downloaded MKV videos converted to iPad 3 compatible video formats. The program I am using is Pavtube Video Converter which provides presets for Ipad 1, 2 and 3. The output movies play perfectly in my iPad 3. In my experience, video quality is based more on video bitrate. So please set the bitrate of output ipad video as its original value to keep TX55 video intact quality.


Part 8

Q: I need a program to convert the HD *.mov files from my Canon 550D (T2i) camera to be able to edit them in Sony Vegas Pro 9 (that is what some people suggest to with files from this camera).

Any advice?

A: I use Pro9 as well. My 550D files play SMOOTH on my computer (Intel Core i7 920 2.67Ghz 12G Ram) but I still transcode them to Sony Vegas preferred WMV video format because I often do some editing on-the-go. And the video converting software I use is Pavtube HD Video Converter which works well in my 550D clips.

When you transcode those files unfortunately disk space increases quite a bit…That’s why I keep the 550D ONLY for “creative & beauty” shots. And the output WMV is played and edited quite smoothly and efficiently.


Part 9

Q: HI guys,
I have MXF files from a camera that I need to import into Final Cut Pro X. I am not able to convert the files into anything usable. Can you please let me know step by step how to convert my MXF files into a file format that I can import into FCPX. The P2 I received in the following way (see screenshot).

A: FCP X works best with clips in Prores codeced MOV format because Prores videos show the best performance in keeping original video quality. So what you need is a MXF converting software which has Apple prores output. I have a Canon XF camera and the program I am using is Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac which provides prores output. Among all programs I tested, this program is the only one which is able to achieve this task. According to its app info, this program supports batch importing of MXF video files from Panasonic P2 file structure (which I did not test because of P2 files lack). Please test if it works for you.


Part 10

Q: One of my clients just bought a used Panasonic P2 camera, a HVX200, and wants to edit P2 MXF footage (720p 24p) in iMovie 11 and OS 10.6.

I’m looking for an simple, reliable, reasonably priced converter so they can take their Panasonic P2 footage and prep it for iMovie 11.

I am seeing a number of products on the market that do this, but I’m not sure which one I should purchase.

Do you guys have something suitable for this task?

A: Apple Intermediate Codec is iMovie preferred video. That is to say, AIC videos will show you a better performance when you import and edit them in iMoive. So you’d better to choose a program which can export AIC videos. My brother is a photographer and he owns a Canon XF100. The program he uses is a MXF Converter made by PavTube (it seems to be this name). He usually exports Apple ProRes video for further editing in FCP. I have tested this program and noticed that it also has AIC output. Please google PavTube MXF Converter for Mac and check if it is helpful.


Part 11

Q: Hello
I have a Sony HDR-CX150 Camcorder which records H.264 MTS files. I need a tool which is able to convert MTS files into a file format I can use/manipulate on iMovie and/or iDVD to make family movies on my Mac?

A: Edit recordings in iMovie and then burn it into a blank DVD, right? This is what I usually do. The app I used is Pavtube Video Converter  for Mac. I choose this program because it provides AIC video which iMovie likes best. I have ever tried to convert MTS videos into H.264 MOV with freeware. But it takes so much time when I tried to load them and the editing is not smooth enough when videos are editing. AIC video performs quite well. iDVD likes iMovie videos. So you can directly burn videos exported from iMovie to a blank DVD.

BTW, I am a loyal user of Pavtube programs. Several days ago, I received a newsletter which said that one new DVD burning tool named Pavtube DVD Creator is coming soon. This program is able to burn MTS videos to DVD directly. I am looking forward to its beta version.


Part 12

Q: Hello,
I have been seriously looking a MXF Converter for some time as a way to transcode video files shot on a Canon XF100 for use in AVID Media Composer 6, since the latter does not directly support the Canon XF 100 codec or so it seems.
I wanted to know if there is any program which can simply RE-WRAP the Canon MXF files (1080i at 25 or 35Mbps) into standard Sony MXF files like XDCAM EX.  This would allow me to work with AVID editor which supports XDCAM EX natively.
I would be very grateful if you could let me know.
A: I have just run into the same problem. When I tried to import .mxf files in Avid Media Composer 6.0.1, I keep getting an error message “Invalid file name”. I have tried “File->Import” and also tried to use an AMA-link to the files (provided that the folder structure of the XDCAM disks is still on the hard disk). But no luck. Finally, I have to find a tool to transcode MXF videos to XDCam codec which is supported natively. The program I tested is Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac which provides various FCP preferred video codecs, including XDCam. The video converts great no lose in quality. And AMC 6 provides fast import and playback of output XDCam videos.


Part 13

Q: Hello,
I have a macbook pro and am trying to convert short video clips from a Canon 7D- MVI’s. I have tested several video converting tools. The MVI clips seem to quickly convert to MPEGS or anything else I set it to-  but when I go to playback the converted version,  it says “The document ‘MVI_3346.mp4’ could not be opened.” I am beyond frustrated.
A: I also have a Canon camera, but not 7D. When I downloaded movie files from my Canon Powershot they had no extension just MVI_### numbering. So I just added a .avi extension to each file and they worked in media player on my Pc. It’s a bit of a pain though and I think Canon should make it simpler and user friendly.
I am not sure how it works in Macbook. If it does not work for you, a MVI video converter is needed. The video converter I am using is Pavtube Video Converter  – Canon Camera file Transcode which works well in my Canon MVI videos. I usually use it to convert recordings to flash video for uploading and e-mailing. This program gives me quality conversion which I am looking for.

. . . . . .

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