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Jan 28

Canon Announces Two More Cinema EOS Prime Lenses

Company Now Offers Five Primes and Four Zooms Designed to Capture 4K for EOS Cinema Camera Line

Canon went wide and long with the announcement this week of two more EF-mount prime lenses for its Cinema EOS System. The new CN-E14mm T3.1 L F and CN-E135mm T2.2 L F lenses will extend the line-up on both ends of the focal spectrum, augmenting the already released 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm primes. The 14mm lens is expected to ship in April for an estimated retail price (ERP) of $5,500, with the 135mm model to follow in May for an ERP of $5200.

The new lenses will be fully compatible with Canon’s EOS C500EOS C300EOS C100, and EOS-1D C cameras, the company said, with f-stop display in the viewifnder, recording of focus and zoom positions and f number, and — with forthcoming camera firmware upgrades — peripheral light compensation image-processing.

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Canon has so far released four zoom lenses for the Cinema EOS system in both EF- and PL-mount versions: two “top-end” zoom lenses (the CN-E14.5-60mm T2.6 wide-angle zoom and the CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 telephoto zoom) and two compact zooms (the CN-E15.5-47mm T2.8 wide-angle zoom and the CN-E30-105mm T2.8 telephoto zoom). The five primes have been designed to match the zooms in color tone and balance, all of the cinema lenses have 11-blade aperture diaphragms, and all of the lens elements are designed to be appropriate for 4K cinematography, Canon said.

Shooters can always use still-photography EF-mount lenses with Canon’s digital cinema cameras, but the Cinema EOS lenses have been designed for motion-picture work with 300-degree focus-ring rotation and engraved focus scales for precision focus control during a shoot. They’re also compatible with industry standard accessories like matte boxes and follow-focus gear.

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