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Aug 29

Editing Canon XF305 MXF Files in FCP X with Multi-track Audio

Question: “Hi, I filmed using Canon XF305 camera using 2 clip mics and want to edit in Apple Final Cut Pro X. I’ve tried several programs but always loss some of the audio channels. Pls I need to edit both the original two channels in my FCP X. How can I solve this?”

Along with the XF300, the XF305 Professional Camcorder represents Canon’s entry into professional solid state video acquisition. Following on the heels of its widely respected XH line of tape-based camcorders, the XF305 takes advantage of the latest HD technology–along with Canon’s newly developed MPEG-2 4:2:2 codec–to record Full HD video to widely available Compact Flash cards.


XF305 MXF recordings will not be recognized by FCP X. Hereby if you want to edit them in Final Cut X, the Apple Prores encoded MOV is mostly recommended. That is to say, you need to convert Canon XF305 mxf to Prores for FCP X. And to keep the original audios preserved when converting, Pavtube iMixMXF can help you to get it done.
With it you can do MXF to Prores conversion keeping the original quality at its best, meanwhile you are allowed to preserve all or any audio tracks for output Prores .MOV and mix the multiple audio tracks into one if you need. To help most XF305 users to get rid of the multi-track MXF importing problem with FCP X, I provide a brief guide here to help you easily convert XF305 multiple video/audio track MXF to ProRes for Final Cut Pro X.

Step 1. Get this Mac multi-track MXF Converter installed, click add video to load individual XF305 mxf videos; or clickadd from folder to load the entire folder. It will recognize all the audio channels.


Step 2. Click “Format” and choose Multi-track Video>Multi-track Apple ProRes 422(*.mov) as the most compatible codec for FCP X editing.


Step 3. Click “Settings” to customize your video size, bitrate, frame rate and other specs; and check video channels that you want to keep.

Follow the bottom left icon to “mix into one channel”; or that it will keep all the audio tracks apart.

multi-track audio

Step 4. Click “Convert” to start converting multi audio channels XF305 MXF to multi-track Apple Prores 422 mov saving multi audio channels for editing in FCP X on Mac.


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