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Jan 08

Record Classical Music Videos on QuickTime for a Playback

Do you wanna enjoy your favorite videos on QuickTime? Follow our steps here to know how play different camera videos smoothly on QuickTime.

Summary: The following paper showed us an example of playing various kinds of videos shot on a classical music festival by different cameras and how to enjoy them on QuickTime with no difficulties. Cause QuickTime has the trouble in editing some special HD videos such as Canon MXF footage, we need to do some changes, right?

Creating videos for a classical music festival? Usually in this occasion, the camcorders must be professional enough to handle this job well, right? For a further leaning of this situation, we should know clearly about the limitation between media players. Cause different cameras produced by different manufacturers, not all footage can work well with one media player. On the other hand, though we shot the movies with the same camera brand such like Canon, Panasonic, or Sony etc. They may sometimes output some incompatible formats for QuickTime, okay?

So you may ask me how to get rid of this trouble. Is there any good third-party tool that can convert all these incompatible videos to be suitable for QuickTime? Fortunately, here we actually got one! Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac is such a nice one to do us a big favor. Would you like to have a try? Windows version is also allowed here.

Tips: After the Pavtube studio has announced that the upgraded version can support the H.265/HEVC encode and decode well. Do you wanna a try?

Download and install the program in general ways, if you have already move your files from cameras to your computer, with the ‘Add Video’ and ‘Add from folder’, we can easily import your source footage. This program can support so many kinds of videos as import so there is no worry about this problem. To make your files suitable for QuickTime, do you know the best QuickTime supported format? Here on the output list, I suggest you to choose the ‘HD Video’>>’H.264 HD Video (*.mov)’ as the best.

Optional: When you choose the right output one, for those advanced users, why not go to the Settings’ button to get more? To get a perfect effect on QuickTime, we can adjust the video size, bitrates or frame rate or even the audio codec, channels there.

Finally go back to the main interface, tap the ‘Convert’ button you can start your work. For a nice enjoyment on QuickTime with your classical music videos? What are you waiting for? More guides blow you can take a reference.


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