How to import MTS files to iMovie on Mac Mountain Lion/Mac OS X Lion etc.? How to Log and Transfer MTS to Final Cur Pro (X)? How to edit MTS footage in iMovie? How to import AVCHD files to Final Cut? How to Convert AVCHD/MTS to PorRes? How to encode AVCHD MTS to AIC .mov?



Mar 26

2016 Top 5 Best Mac Video Splitter, Video Cutter, Video Merger/Combiner Reviewed

If you want to accurate Split/Cut Video Clips or Fast Join & Merge together multiple video files for playback but have no idea of what app to use on your Mac computer, refer to our 2016 Top 5 Best Mac Video Splitter/Cutter and Fast Video Joiner.

  • 1. Pavtube Video Converter for Mac
  • 2. Pavtube Media Magician for Mac
  • 3. QuickTime Pro ($30)
  • 4. iMovie (Built-in Free App)
  • 5. MPEG Streamclip (Free)

Top 1. Pavtube Video Converter for Mac ($35)

Introduction: Pavtube Video Converter for Mac is an all-in-one Video Converter on Mac OS X. It is able to do format conversion among various popular video and audio formats, including Flash Video/YouTube video (*.flv, *.f4v), HD Video (*.tod, *.mod, *.mov, *.mts, *.m2t, *.m2ts, *.ts, *.tp, *.trp, *.evo, *.mkv, *.dv ), General Video (*.avi, *.mpg, *.wmv, etc), QuickTime video(*.mov), DVR Videos (*.tivo) and more. In that way, you can edit or play your video files with different video editing software and universal portable players. The Mac video converter helps you to convert video files for your new iPad 3iPhone 5Apple TV 3, Galaxy Tab 2, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD Tablet,Surface RT/Pro, iTunes, QuickTime Player, iMovie, FCE, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, iDVD, and more.

Supported Formats:

Input: Video formats (*.avi,*.divx, *.wmv, *.wma, *.asf, *.dvr-ms, *.wav, dts in wav, *.rm, *.rmvb, *.ra, *.mov, *.qt, *.mp4, *.3gp, *.3g2, *.dv, *.m4b, *.m4v, *.m4a, *.aac, *.flv, *.f4v (YouTube, Hulu, Fox, etc.), *.dat, *.mpg, *.vob, *.mod, *.tod, *.mxf (partial), *.mov from JVC, Panasonic, Cannon, Sony cameras and camcorders, *.m2v, *.m2t, *.m2ts (Blu-ray), *.ts, *.tp, *.evo, *.mkv, *.dv, *.tivo); Audio formats (*.au, *.mp3, *.mp2, *.flac, *.ape, *.ogg, *.8svx, *.aiff,*.aif, *.caf, *.dts, *.smv, *.tta, *.voc)

Output: *.avi, *.wmv, *.asf, *.mpg, *.mp4, *.3gp, *.3g2, *.mov, *.mkv, *.m4v, *.vob, *.dv, Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov), Apple ProRes 4444 (*.mov), DVCPRO (*.mov), HDV (*.mov)

Split/Merge Features:

  • 1. Merge multiple AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, etc files into one big file.
  • 2. Trim a duration from each video clip and combine these individual clips into one file.
  • 3. Split one video file into 2 or more files evenly.
  • 4. Split one video clip by every specified time frame (e.g. split a TiVo show by every 20 mins).
  • 5. Split one big file by specified file size (e.g. split and save one MKV into VOB by every 1000MB).
  • 6. Export video in AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, etc with specified quality (high, medium, low quality).
  • 7. Split large movie files quickly into H.264 videos for Android/iOS/Windows devices

Top 2. Pavtube Media Magician for Mac ($45)

Pavtube Media Magician for Mac is a user-friendly package designed for video transferring, compressing, converting and entry-level video editing. It helps you transfer any AVCHD (and other HD cam) videos to Mac HDD, make your own film with some basic editing, and upload your masterpiece to YouTube. Also, it gets your MTS, M2TS, TOD, MOD, MOV, MXF video into the correct format to suit your project of Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid MC,iMovie/FCE, etc. No matter you are an experienced videographer or a video-editing novice, you will be very impressed with its easy-to-use process and its compatibility with a wide variety of cameras/camcorders footage, such as MXF, AVCHD*(MTS, M2TS), AVCHD Lite*(MTS, M2TS), MOV, TOD, MOD, MP4, AVI, etc.

Supported Formats:

Media Magician for Mac supports the same import and export formats as Pavtube Video Converter for Mac does.

Split/Merge Features:

  • 1. Merge multiple AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, etc files into one big file.
  • 2. Cut out junk frames from each video and join the rest clips while exporting your self-made film.
  • 3. Export video in AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV, etc with specified quality (high, medium, low quality).
  • 4. Split large movie files quickly into H.264 videos for Android/iOS/Windows devices

Related Guide:

Top 3. QuickTime 7 Pro ($30)

QuickTime 7 Pro can convert your media to different formats, so you can watch a movie or video on your iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV. You can also use QuickTime 7 Pro to record video and share everything you make with friends and family. QuickTime Player Pro lets you import and convert tracks from compact disk (CD) audio to QuickTime, AIFF, or WAV. You can also import karaoke files into QuickTime Player Pro and maintain the text track. QuickTime Player Pro lets you import MIDI files, modify them (change instruments, for example) and save them as QuickTime audio, AIFF, or modified QuickTime MIDI. With QuickTime 7 Pro, you can record audio and video directly from your built-in iSight camera, FireWire camcorder, or microphone. You can even trim what you’ve recorded to the ideal length.

Supported Formats:

Input: MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 3GPP, 3GPP2, JPEG, DV, Motion JPEG, AVI, MQV, H.264, AIFF/AIFC, Audio CD, CAF, MOV, MP3, MPEG-4, AU, WAV, iTunes audio

Output: H.264, MPEG-4, Sorenson Video, H.263, H.261 (MP4, MOV, M4V, 3GP, 3G2)

Split/Merge Features:

  • 1. Take several video files and merge them into one video movie or slide-show.
  • 2. Split large movie files quickly into H.264 videos for iOS devices.

Top 4. iMovie (Built-in Free App)

iMovie is a proprietary video editing software application sold by Apple for the Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad, ipad mini and iPod touch). iMovie imports video footage to the Mac using either the FireWire interface on most MiniDV format digital video cameras or the computer’s USB port. It can also import video and photo files from a hard drive. From there, the user can edit the photos and video clips and add titles, music, and effects, including basic color correction and video enhancement tools and transitions such as fades and slides. The latest iMovie 11 has the ability to make trailers for home movies, more control over audio, instant replay and flash and hold effects, facial recognition, news themes, and the ability to watch the video on a Mac, iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, or Apple TV, as well as sharing on Facebook and YouTube.

Supported Formats:

Input: DV, DV Widescreen, HDV 1080i (25 and 30 fps), HDV 720p (25 and 30 fps), MPEG 4 Simple Profile, iSight, AVCHD (.mts, .m2ts)

Output: MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, QuickTime

Split/Merge Features:

  • 1. Join together all the video sequence in the current iMovie project.
  • 2. Cut out junk frames from each video.

Top 5. MPEG Streamclip (Free)

Despite its slightly unintuitive user interface, MPEG Streamclip is a highly effective and versatile video encoder and converter. MPEG Streamclip is more than a simple encoder. It also works as an editor, converter and player. The application supports almost any video format and can export converted files to any format of your choice. Despite its slightly unintuitive interface, which might put off first time users, MPEG Streamclip is actually relatively easy to use. Just select your file, choose a compression type and let MPEG Streamclip do the rest. You’ll find a wide choice of settings which will let you adjust quality, encoding level and bitrate of videos among other things.

Supported Formats:


Output: MOV, AVI, MP4, DV

Split/Merge Features:

  • 1. Join (stitch) together multiple video files
  • 2. Handle multiple audio tracks and works with files larger than 4GB


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