How to import MTS files to iMovie on Mac Mountain Lion/Mac OS X Lion etc.? How to Log and Transfer MTS to Final Cur Pro (X)? How to edit MTS footage in iMovie? How to import AVCHD files to Final Cut? How to Convert AVCHD/MTS to PorRes? How to encode AVCHD MTS to AIC .mov?



Feb 27

File Extension – What is .CPI file in AVCHD file system for? How to open .CPI on Windows and Mac?

“Hi, I just purchased Pavtube MTS-M2TS Converter in order to transfer my camcorder files to another usable file on my Mac. I have a Sony HDR-XR500 that appears to have raw files of .CPI.


Can you please let me know if I purchased the correct program and how I can make this happen?”

– From one of Pavtube customers


Wanna ask the same question? I assume you have an AVCHD camera, correct? An AVCHD camera/camcorder shoots and saves data in form of AVCHD file structure like it shows below:

CPI files are commonly found in the AVCHD/BDMV/CLIPINF directory of HD digital video recording media. This picture is based on actual directory structure from Canon and Panasonic camcorders, and you can see that the xxxxx.CPI files are saved under Root/PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/CLIPINF.

What does .CPI file extension stands for?

File extension CPI is AVCHD Video Clip Information File. The AVCHD directory contains a folder for clipinfo which contains one .cpi file for each .mts file in the stream folder. cpi (clip info) contains various contains metadata describing an AVCHD video stream, such as the frame rate, frames per second, and aspect ratio. The video and audio is stored in the mts/m2ts (Transport Stream) files.

Is there anything value with .CPI files?

The .CPI files are used to describe .MTS video streams. It’s only necessary if you plan on playing back directly from the cam, burning BD for playback, or transferring directly to disk. Note that it also requires .cpi files to log and transfer AVCHD to Final Cut Pro and iMovie, because both import AVCHD structure instead of single .mts/.m2ts files.

How to open .CPI files on Windows and Mac?

Adobe Premiere Elements 10, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Roxio Creator are available for both Windows and Mac to open .cpi files.

Does Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter need .CPI files to open .mts/.m2ts videos?

No. Unlike Final Cut Pro and iMovie, the Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac reads single AVCHD .mts and .m2ts files and exports the AVCHD contents to playable and editable videos on Mac. The software features best intermediate codec for editing software and H.264 output presets for iOS devices.

How to pick up a format for AVCHD video conversion on Mac with Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter:

How to Fix File Extension CPI Errors

The common file extension CPI errors are computer screen flooded with a myriad of file error messages, unable to open a .cpi file, unable to launch an application because one or more application files are either missing or corrupt. CPI file become corrupted and must be repaired before you can view it. There are 3 simple steps to fix file extension CPI Corruption Errors.

1. Using CPI File Repair Software – these easy-to-use tools are quite helpful to open .cpi file, you can find the recommended tools above on this page.

2. Run a malware scan – Restart Windows in Safe Mode and perform a thorough malware scan, or you can also updating your security tool and scheduling regular malware.

3. Clean your registry – Errors in the registry are the biggest cause of incorrect file associations, run a Free Scan to fix CPI file extension errors Now.

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